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Organic Vegetable Farm

Organic Compost

Our organic compost is made up a mixture of untreated pine sawdust, shavings & mulches mixed with paunch grass and turned over for approximately 9-12 months.
Because the organic compost has good bacteria and fungi, feeding the plants naturally, it makes the plant stronger and healthier, therefore less likely to be attacked by nasty diseases or bad fungi. This is great blended in with existing soil. All our products have come from well known sources that are clear of pesticides and herbicides.

Image by Kenan Kitchen

Vegetable Mix

Containing Organic Compost (with added blood & bone), aged bark fines and pumice. Organic Dolomite Lime plus Organic Slow Release Fertiliser (sheep pellets) are added at the end of the process.
Our Vege Mix has been specially developed for vegetables and is good blended in with some top soil or the prior years compost giving valuable nutrients to get your vegetables off to a great start. This special blend helps produce healthier, greener, lush organic vegetables. Blend with existing soil to give your garden a loving boost.

Image by Tetiana Shevereva

Garden Mix

Our Garden Mix is designed as a versatile component for your home garden. This blend includes aged bark fines, pumice, organic slow-release fertiliser (sheep pellets), and organic compost, all carefully chosen to enhance soil density, providing ample airspace for plant roots while retaining crucial moisture. Simply mix it into your existing soil to nourish your garden and give it a loving boost.

Image by Daniel Watson

Lawn Mix

This mix gives you a fine texture that allows you to level off the surface with ease to give you a lovely flat lawn.
With the washed sand added to the mix, it gives you good media for drainage, helping to stop puddles forming. (1).jpg

Bark Mulch


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If you would like to order any of the above products, please visit our Suppliers page for your nearest supplier. 

For larger bulk orders, please contact us directly.

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